Begin gathering pictures from magazines, books, the Internet, etc., to convey what you like/don't, color, decorative details. DEFINE YOUR NEEDS by considering functional aspects of the piece(s) and other needs to be addressed.

What is the budget that we'll be working with? Keep in mind that the final cost will be affected by the type of wood chosen, extent of the detail, complexity of design, construction techniques, changes after the design, etc.

We will be happy to show you our portfolio and discuss our design approach, experience, prices of previous work, and current workload. This is your chance to ask questions about choices of material, type of wood, finishes, maintenance required.

Did you like what you saw? Was the work the quality you expected? Were you comfortable with us? We strive to be responsive to your ideas/needs and to answer any questions you may have. We hope to convey that we'd happily undertake your job and complete it in a timely manner...on budget.

When you're ready to proceed, we'll provide a letter of agreement that includes: price and fee structure, completion date, handling of design changes, delivery and installation (if needed), and warranty.